BUT SERIOUSLY: Responsible Behavior: Avoiding Toxic Scenarios



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Correlation does not prove causation. Take a step back. Take an objective look at your predicament. Then take a look at the many aspects of your manner in reacting to your predicament.

Ever since you were primed by evil forces to be a conditioned Targeted Individual, a large portion of your social time is spent being suspicious of strangers-—at lashing out at the dubious instead of the guilty. At tripping over the triggers placed in your path. Who are  the guilty, and where is their hideout? How can you know, with the very same manipulated senses that have been used to trigger and incite you into neurotic apprehension in the first place?

They want  you to overreact. To hate them. To chase phantoms.

Wait! Aren’t your most recent acquaintances among your list of suspects? Good heavens!

If you haven’t relocated by this time-—and relocation is a BAD IDEA, in most cases, unless your destination is a detached house in a much  less populated area than your point of origin-—then the corner grocer you’ve known all your life (or is it his brother?) currently seems to be exhibiting telltale “perp” signs. Perhaps it’s time to give him one of your infamous “what-for” speeches, eh? Just step right up and lash out at him with a quip that sounds outright bonkers. Surely, that’ll convince him to spill the beans, or at least be intimidated into having a change-of-heart revelation concerning his evil deeds. After all, that tactic has always worked for you before, right?

Oh . . . it hasn’t?

And how about your damned relatives? Every time you opened your yap to them  about being targeted, you were shut down like a rabid dog surrounded by distant strangers corralling you at arm’s length. You just know  you can’t trust family, right? Right?  Wow, just imagine all of the skeletons in that  closet. For crying out loud! They’re all MK-Ultra spies on the Devil’s payroll! THEY’VE GOT TO BE!

For crying out loud . . . Yeah, go ahead, go cry out loud, go down to City Hall all by yourself, go cry out loud on the steps of City Hall about how dozens of people you don’t know-—and your family!-—are in cahoots to secretly destroy you with ray-guns, and weather-controlled chem-trail poisoning, and organized covert intimidation tactics, and lying two-faced gossip-mongering Evil Psychiatry. That ought to gain you some much-needed downtime in the Psych ward, if nothing else.

And, well, considering the lengths to which some of your family have already gone in your life over the years (yeah, let’s drag that out too, let’s dump that  hamper-load of dirty undies right out there on the steps of City Hall), the psych ward would probably be a much-needed vacation away from your family. Hell, you  should be perping them! Am I right?

And if you can’t trust your own family, well then, how the hell are you supposed to think you can relax in a public place when you’re surrounded by all of those incidental strangers, any of whom could very well be responsible for your palpitating heart and your simulated neuralgia? Run! Hide! No! Stay! Fight! No! Pull out your cell phone and tie up the TI Hotline with accusations about that guy over there carrying that suspicious paper bag who was aiming his cell phone at you in Starbucks while you were having another panic attack.

Behave erratically! Threaten somebody! Overreact! Get yourself locked up!

crazyvacuum   Good job! Behaving erratically is exactly the reaction your actual perpetrators want from you.

Yeah, and that ought to further assist the rest of us in our struggle for credibility, huh?

All of the above scenarios-—and I’m certain you can come up with dozens more-—lend more to the momentary psychological victory the perpetrators have achieved over you than to any spry insight you think you may have developed over time concerning all the triggers that set you off. You have jumped through hoop after hoop for the people who want to slowly and methodically destroy your social persona along with every other facet of your life.

I repeat: Take a step back. Take an objective look at your predicament. Then take a look at your manner of reacting to your predicament.

Please allow me to share with you a couple of my own many embarrassing learning-curve predicaments. In all egotistical humility, I must confess that in my own particular case study, pride most assuredly goeth before the fall-—and I’m fairly certain I’ll get tripped up again. The trick, however, is to “pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again” without indulging in any lingering self-pity.

SF SRO REDULOUS BATTLEMENT  First: In 2013, while I was still living in San Francisco and getting bombarded by all manner of covert torture, I tried to reach out online for a support group in the Bay Area. I was desperate to meet with any TI who could look me in the eye and share the fact that this was really happening. It seemed that nothing could take the place of having someone in my life who wasn’t staring at me cross-eyed every time I opened my mouth to speak the truth about my being targeted. At the time I was homeless and had no phone. (I had declined an “Obama Phone” at the time.) I relied on emails at the library for communication. Derrick Robinson sent me four email addresses of TIs in my area, and I immediately tried to contact them.

After some excruciating days waiting for a response, one person actually came to meet me at the library; however, after he showed up and we engaged in a walkaround conversation, he informed me that he would be leaving the U.S.A. the next day. He was hoping things might be better in Mexico.

The other three responders to my emails declined to correspond beyond emails. One woman actually admitted via email that she declined to meet out of fear that I was perhaps one of “them,” and she was warned by a “friend” not to chance a meeting. I tried in vain to convince her that this was exactly how the real perps want us to behave: with suspicion, with fear-—especially toward other TIs.

I really must admit, the discouragement of these initial frustrating correspondences got the better of me. It blew my mind that I was so close and yet so far, and I simply stopped reaching out in my immediate vicinity-—which is yet another self-defeating state-of-mind resolution instigated by the organized evil persistently perpetrated against us.

On the one hand I can understand and sympathize with the need to be careful, especially in the case of a lone woman receiving a call out of the blue; but in light of the fact that the perpetrators of this crime against us utilize the tactics of induced paranoia and isolation as prime components in their psychological arsenal, I am compelled to wholeheartedly disagree with the blanket assumption that “better safe than sorry” could somehow be a preferable alternative to what an isolated woman may already be enduring from her surrounding perpetrators.

On top of that, the requirement that any ensuing meeting should take place in an open, public space would minimize the possibility of any shady dealings. From the perspective of a person who has become as hyper-sensitized as I have, the misperception that I might be one of “them” can be all too heartfelt and disparaging.

There’s only one way to find out, one way or the other, about anybody in life, and thhandshakeat is the unavoidable investment of time and trust. The benefits of this investment aren’t restricted to TIs. All participants of human endurance must adhere to this principle or face the inevitable subjectivism of peer pressure and despotism to make our decisions for us.

But of course, agreeing to meet a stranger in some shady alcove should never be an option. Don’t be paranoid. Just be careful.

However, to consistently avoid the possible opportunity of finally breaking free from the imposed chains of isolation and ubiquitous disbelief surrounding TIs-—which are invariably imposed upon us by the actual culprits-—seems to me an indication that you might very well be allowing the real  “them” to win even greater control over your life.

That’s tantamount to allowing finger-pointing fear-mongers the power to convince you to run and hide from the truth rather than face it head-on.

Case in point: How has that “better safe than sorry” strategy been working out for you so far? Kind of like how that “war on drugs” and that “war on terrorism” are going, I assure you. Please understand that misinformation and disinformation of government activities are part-and-parcel of the complacency-inspired American delusion that organized covert torture doesn’t really exist.

I find it perfectly reasonable to suppose that another TI might not be experiencing the same level of torture, and isolation from the rest of society, as I; or is perhaps made of sterner stuff than I, and really has no need to seek a support group by which one can, at the very least, find solace in acceptance; and at best, share ideas and combine legal strategies with other persons who KNOW that we’re not imagining things or suffering from delusions. Congratulations, for you are an island, and a better man than I, Gunga Din. Please disregard any impending guilt trips, if what you contend is true.

I can also accept the possibility that, during the time I made some small attempt to reach out to someone in the Bay Area, there already was a TI support group such as the one was seeking, but that its members were being extremely leery and cautious about whom they chose to accept into their “inner circle.”

Again, I must stress the point that this is exactly what the actual perpetrators of Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment want: to constrict and curtail, and to condition us to distrust one another, and our own shadows, if we let them. I know now that I should’ve dug a little deeper, and should never have become discouraged after the first or second attempt. We have to stop imagining that anyone we don’t know might be a perp-—especially anyone who says he/she is a TI and wishes to communicate.

Who among us wants to be confronted in our time of grave need by one more secretive cabal? Let’s get real, folks. That’s how evil people do it. They want us to be so pathetically desperate that we would choose the worst case scenario over reasonable exploration.

That must not be our destiny.


Here’s my second example of this same of self-defeating paranoia-—the discombobulation of which is not entirely self-inflicted, but nonetheless an albatross of personally wrought hamstrung consequence:

Again, back in 2013 I was at the library (I was more often than not at the library while I was in San Francisco) and approached the seating area to wait for one of the 15-minute internetSF MAIN LIBRARY 1 computers.

The SF Public Library library was one of the worst public places for me to go if I wanted to avoid being electronically tortured. On any given day I would have to get up and move from one area to another at least a dozen times in order to escape the multitude of horrible electronic inflictions thrust upon me while I was there. Usually, if I were at a prescheduled computer, I’d have to just sit and endure it.

There was one woman ahead of me on line for the computers, and I sat to her left. She seemed to be an attractive and unassuming woman, perhaps in her late thirties. I didn’t pay much attention to her. I believe I gave her a slight nod as our eyes met and I sat down.

Out of nowhere she looked askance at me and began drilling me with rapid-fire questions. “Are you going to keep following me all day? How much are they paying you to ruin my life? Do they pay for your rent when you move into town?” On and on she went, this total stranger, asking one nasty, aberrant, accusatory question after another. She must’ve shot ten questions at me in the course of a minute, never giving me a chance to explain to her that I had no idea what she was talking about. She did this so quickly that she caught me completely off-guard, and it literally shook me up.

Someone was accusing me, a TI, of stalking and harassing her.

I couldn’t think straight. I was dumbfounded. In my confusion I felt it was the better part of valor to simply get away from her, if only to prove that I was not who she thought I was. After a few minutes I kicked myself (figuratively speaking), realizing that was the biggest mistake I ever could have made.

Here I was, just a few months into the most excruciating TI nightmare; after all, I was all alone in San Francisco and desperately seeking anyone with whom I could communicate about all this; and there she was, right out of the blue, accusing me of being one of the perps who were stalking her, and my only response was to walk away confused and intimidated.

I later kicked myself for a fool, and looked around for her, but she had gone.

Had I sat there calmly and explained to her that I was a target just as she was, I believe I could have gotten through to her, and I might have spared myself, and perhaps her, many consequent months of agonizing isolation. But because I was conditioned to be immediately paranoid and intimidated by her outburst, I wasn’t thinking straight at the exact moment I was quite possibly handed the very gift I wanted more than anything: a face-to-face meeting with another TI. Incidentally, it is quite possible that my emotions (and hers) were being electronically tweaked at that exact moment.

So . . . Was she really a TI? Or a “perp” sent to further disorient and isolate me?

How could I ever have discovered which one she was without ever investigating? Without trusting the patient testimony of my own reasoning faculties? Without finding out for myself? Without overcoming my conditioning? Without being in an instilled perpetual state of paranoia and confusion? If she was a TI, then we had both been conditioned to be reactionary, manipulated, accusatory, and self-defeating; that is, we were both possibly doing the perpetrators’ job for them.

And if she happened to be a perp? Who knows? But is it better to remain ignorant and alone? Are we such idiots that we want to continually repeat the same mistake over and over in expectation of a different outcome?

And there’s a deeper possible causation to the incident I experienced. What if this “TI vs. TI” incident is one of the many refined strategies persistently utilized against us in this takedown program ? It’s not a far reach to consider that these inhuman scum manipulate TIs-—in the same manner that they manipulate their own peons-—to show up together, same place, same time, as paranoid dupes lashing out at their witlessly conspicuous  victimized counterparts, in order to instigate a much deeper form of alienating psychological abuse among us all.

Think about that. Imagine how you must look to another TI at your local Walmart. There you are, most likely looking over your shoulder at him while he’s looking over his shoulder at you. Each is both hyper-aware of the other’s odd behavior. You both probably attempt to get a good closeup of one another. Both of you are most likely recording the encounter with a mini-cam or a cell phone, pointing your devices at someone that both of you are assuming is the enemy; and this encounter will lead to an enhanced trigger as soon as you run into each other again at some later point in time when you’re both manipulated to arrive simultaneously at another location.

Let’s say there are five to ten perps at a particular location, and you’ve already been triggered into hyper-vigilant mode by them. There are five to ten more innocent civilians immediately assumed to be included in the stalking simply because they’re there. This is a logical deduction formulated by the perps based upon all of your previously documented emotional responses to mobbing encounters. Two stalkers show up and you imagine there’s ten. Up the ante to five, and you’re automatically hyperventilating at the prospect of twenty perps surrounding you.

And let’s just say that one of those innocent civilians-—one in whom you’ve been deceived into imagining the worst-—is a TI. Before you know it, two TIs are stalking one another in a pathetic Walmart store. There you have it.

Let’s go a step further since we’ve been hearing a lot of TI talk about color-coordinated perps, about how they all wear the same color shirts and drive around in similarly colored automobiles. This is of course true for many of us; but to assume that any red shirt in a supermarket or any black pickup truck on the highway is a reason for you to spew a comment in that direction is a gamble at best.

Let’s consider all the strangely credible scenarios that can cause us to be forced into a public dispute that can easily get us a stint at the psych ward. Aren’t we all getting a little tired of assisting our assailants? I know I am.

Wherever you may be, and in whatever circumstances you have found yourself, do us all a favor and reach out to other TIs. Find ways to communicate and meet. Get beyond the insecurity of it all. Help yourself by resisting and even ignoring easily recognizable imposed social triggers that are meant only to fill you with irrational anxiety. Stay grounded by keeping in touch with other TIs. Don’t fall for their traps that invariably lead you into an obsession to play right into their hands. Sure, keep on keeping on with constant surveillance of your surroundings. Continue documenting potential evidence that will build a case in your favor. But strive to calm and control your reactions in social settings.

Here’s one last logical deduction about induced paranoia, and please try not to stumble over preconceived notions of syntax:

It is more likely possible that a person is an actual TI when that person admits to being a TI than it is that the person is somehow attempting to deceive you. Certain very rare exceptions notwithstanding, an actual perpetrator usually will deny the reality that external forces are causing your abuse. Sometimes it’s wise to trust mathematical probability-—which in this case leans more towards an abundance of actual TIs willing to correspond with you rather than perps who might possibly and unwittingly be exposing their criminality in such an unrepresentative manner of their usual fanfare.

This is all I’ll say on that subject, and you must at least give it its due allotment: “Here I am,” undaunted. It is the most important stance you can take right now if you want to retrieve at least some of the prior happiness in your life. Strive to have a beautiful heart that must be shared. There is no room for paranoiac constriction. We must be wise, and overcome the triggers of overreaction.




Why am I still being allowed to live, if apparently they can so easily torture and destroy me? And why am I being targeted in the first place?

Most documented circumstantial evidence leans toward a covert military campaign. Perhaps I’m one of the more popular government-corralled lab rats on their roster; or, I’m somehow making someone a healthy profit from a lucrative international interactive torture game: funded by billionaires, run and protected by multimillionaire gang-bangers and their trolls, and watched online by paying sadist customers.

Perhaps it’s both these things. Or neither. Maybe it’s a life insurance murder-scam, or genocidal eugenics. It may be all four of these scenarios, or again, none of them.

As of yet, no one has personally let me in on a validated explanation for my particularly having been chosen for OSEH targeting. All I have -— until a verifiable upper-tier perpetrator is actually apprehended and finally spills the beans -— is rationalization, conjecture, and unsubstantiated allegations.

I’m confronted with the veritable needle in the haystack. It may as well be a haystack of needles; go ahead, pick your own needle, and see if it fits your own rationalizations and conjectures. Be careful not to prick yourself, Chuckles.

I’ll pass on the “shape-shifting alien lizard people” hypothesis for now; only because if that were really true, I might very well be the last actual human left on Earth; and for all I know, it’s only a matter of time before I’m assimilated or cloned or absorbed; because really, there’s no hope until the “savior/mothership” arrives and dispels all evil. And besides, we already know for a fact that the U.S. Congress is comprised of nothing but  shape-shifting lizards. But of course, that’s merely a more-accurate-than-usual figure of speech used to describe your basic fork-tongued politician.

Call me unmovable until proven wrong, but there is presently no absolute proof that would demand I swallow the premise that we’re dealing with supernatural dimension-hopping demonic Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) hitchhiking with leprechauns and shadow people on UFOs detouring through my irresistible telepathic cul-de-sac of a mind. Do you dig, oh my hippy brother?

Of course, I could be absolutely incorrect in this hasty dismissal of occult possibilities. Only a fool professes absolute assurance of his ideas in the face of life’s current empirically unanswerable questions. However, because the horrible crime of OSEH can just as easily be executed by ORDINARY (if not substandard) HUMAN BEINGS, I do not find it necessary to embrace the sci-fi “logic-taffy stretch,” or the equally popular religio-spiritual “leap of faith” abandonment of logic (i.e. angels, demons, ghosts, etc.), in order to wrap my mind around the most unavoidable postulation that we have been granted at this moment in time:


It never ceases to amaze me how often our craving for “the supernatural” sneaks into rational discourse as soon as we’re overwhelmed by obscure technologies that cannot be combatted by uncommissioned means.

I must also refrain from assuming that the reason for my being targeted has something to do with how damned dangerously important  I am to the age-old “powers-that-be” who are sabotaging my life. Like, wow  man, how the hell did they find out that I’m the world’s most dangerous irreligious bohemian madman, and they need to keep me “under wraps” in order to prevent me from exploding the planet with my diabolically extraordinary mutant writing abilities that set me apart from the rest of you average everyday ho-hum hacks?

Kaboom. Or, maybe I’m such a volatile and seditious revolutionary insurrectionist that . . . Oh, the hell with it! Maybe it’s imperative  that they torture me with cancer-causing radiation and maddening ostracization; for verily, who knows what kind of irrepressible upheaval of tumultuous revolt I may yet wreak on an otherwise sedate and bovine populace, were I allowed to postulate my incendiary and revolutionary doctrines to all the witless and unprepared bourgeoisie I’ve been plotting to seduce and corrupt since time immemorial?

(“Look! He admitted it!” report CNN & FOX.)

I really should stop splashing around in the Hollywood fishbowl. The natives tend to wax testy when prompted with allegations of all that silly “mind-control” stuff.

Future Ricky Gervais Awards-host half-joking Illuminati quote: “The proletariat ignores you as you die! You’re really not that special, you know. Die, target! Die!”

Ha-ha! It’s funny ’cause it’s true!

It’s easy to presume that everyone who is involved in this covert crime against us is cruel and sinister; but it’s quite possible that most of the culprits involved in our periphery have been convinced that they’re doing an admirable thing for society. For instance, it would be easy to convince them that their designated targeted is “THE ENEMY” who must be expunged for the sake of economic necessity and vital national and/or community security. At the very least, the peons must be convinced that the target be vitiated. “THINK OF THE CHILDREN!”  It would be child’s play for a propagandist to encourage this notion in the already hopelessly indoctrinated “Republican/Democrat” rigged wheel-of-fortune that American society has been lapping up like a starving feral cat for more than a century.

Intimidation, blackmail, and financial desperation among peons can also be prime components in the recruitment of Organized Stalking recruits. “Holding one’s fat to the fire” induces a ready breaking point towards cooperation in many cases of abetment. The rank and file of these perpetrators is possibly rife with felons whose records have been indefinitely expunged in consideration of their continuing obedience to “The Cause.” Also, a nice fat paycheck-—or even a menial weekly gift card, among the more desperate-—can do wonders to sway the vulnerable morals of the conventional emotionally stunted clipped pigeon of mass conditioning.

Demonization of “The Enemy” has been a tried-and-true tactic of convenience for card-carrying warmongers throughout history. A sophisticated politician subliminally nudges his preoccupied constituents toward his lobbyists’ required designs, and off everyone marches to the battle fray amid resplendent nationalistic fanfare and perennially advertised color-coded hoopla.

And let’s not gloss over the mind-boggling technological side of all of this, which contains within itself the prime psychological motivation for a gullible peon to ignorantly destroy a human being without cause: Classified Electronic Weaponry Operations.

Let’s take a breath here.

If I listen to one “expert” in these technologies, he’ll tell me that it’s all done with satellites. Another “expert” will inform me that it’s all done with satellites and implants. Another, with drones and stealth aircraft; yet another will swear that it’s all done up-close with hand-held DEWs wielded by Satanic Israeli Nazis.

And then there are the nondisprovable coffee-table religious niceties that always get free airtime because their supernatural goodies offer you something that seems to trump your ability to discover for yourself whether or not aliens and unicorns (or the favored nondisprovable phantasm of your choice) are involved in the perpetration. Whether these chimeras are currently sharing, or are even capable of divulging that they share, our most cherished, mutually respectable, respectively alternating realities, is beside the point for the supernaturalists.

Slick, huh?

Yet another Wikipedia-weaned “expert” will connive me into believing that it’s all a Matrix Psyops digital illusion and nothing more. Whew! Thanks for that insight, dude. And we can always revisit the perp-screamers and the sophists, who will swear on a stack of the holy scripture of their choice (or a stack of Christopher Hitchens books, or whatever) that we’re all manipulated lemmings backing the wrong psyops horse if we don’t heed the ever-preachy pronouncements of the perp-screamers and sophists.


My own take on all of this? Well, the psychopathic psychology warfare speaks for itself. It’s been active for millennia in one form or another. There’s nothing new about indoctrinating a populace toward evil ends through desensitization.

And the technology? The very same technology that is being used to surveil us is the very same technology that is being used to torture us. This might very well explain the reason why so many local citizens agree to participate in this murderous nonsense. Many of them may have no idea that they’re electroinically torturing the person they’re surveilling. Disinformed people will make disinformed decisions by blindly engaging in treasonous activities and imagining they’re performing a service for their community.

Honestly, one must necessarily look into all of these assumptions; and perhaps most importantly, to study, and perhaps duplicate in the lab, observable frequency effects on voluntarily administered applied brainwave stimulation. Sometimes it’s necessary to reverse the steps of a classified experiment in order to crack its code. I think Dr. Duncan is attempting just that, as per the date of this publication. But who knows.

All-n-All (THE perfect Earthly Unison album on record, by Earth Wind & Fire; but I digress), it is of course absolutely possible that the warmongers are correct, and it may be absolutely necessary that our unelected military oligarchs blow the asses off of our finest brainwashed children, women, and men–along with the asses of the many millions of our brainwashed counterparts on the other side–for good old Blood & Glory, and Gentle Jesus Meek and Mild.

And also for that nice, tight, everlasting monthly pension check that all  of our ingloriously unelected unimpeachable military tyrants (our self-ordained “patriots”) and their peons will be receiving. And why not? They’re the ones who glued us into their perpetually unresolvable war with the rest of humanity to begin with.

Smile for the camera!

goof 2

And behave, child.



©2016 Paul Sylvester Stayton