Slide1              “Sometimes a cigar is just a psychopath.” Paul Sylvester Stayton


Mr. Grim is most likely (but actual documentation is sketchy) an ex-military and/or government “intelligence” hack who simply can’t get enough of that sadistic urge to add injury to insult, and so he has brought the unique qualifications he has accumulated from the clandestine murdering scumbag business to this new frontier of treasonous intrusion and abuse: Local Community Policing!

That’s right, folks, Mr. Grim and his fetid company have just the thing for you, if you’re sick and tired of “due process” and “inalienable rights” for certain other U.S. citizens who aren’t currently counted among your list of friends. Mr. Grim has just  the list for them!

Remember! It’s your CIVIC  DUTY to be manipulated by Mr. Grim into tearing down that raggedy old U.S. Constitution and all it stands for! After all, who needs justice for the people you despise, just because they’re U.S. citizens just like you? You have the majority on your side, right? Well, at least you have the plurality. Um , , , how about the local rumor mill? Yeah! Mob rules!


Remember! After 9/11, the government had the ABSOLUTE RIGHT to toss your freedoms and liberties to the wind in return for the invasion into your lives and properties by that wacky and irreverent modern-day equivalent of the Keystone Kops, your very own self-serving Department of Homeland Security (ugly twin sister of the NSA), just so they could brainwash you into doing their treasonous dirty work for them!

Hey! “If you have nothing to hide” . . . Isn’t that the mantra?

Are you not bursting with national-socialist pride? Trust me! You don’t want to be put on their  hit list, so you’d better comply! And how do you do that? Why, by joining up with your local Community Watch Torture Squad! That’s right, now all you half-assed inbred good-for-nothing poor white trash can finally grab the long  end of the stick and start swinging! (Oh,  by the way, Mr. Grim recruits hard-up minorities, too; well, just as long as they suck up some respect for “the white man’s burden” like obedient little monkeys.)

Finally! The time has come for you to sneer at your defenseless victims as you help the DHS destroy their lives and reputations along with your society!

No obsequious hypocrite can pass up this great once-in-a-lifetime offer. What George Zimmerman got away with was just the tip of the iceberg, folks. Hey, I hear they’re even handing out Walmart gift cards  to sufficiently intellectually challenged prospective recruits who are literally foaming at the mouth to actually get paid  to be sadistic bullies! To terrorize targeted individuals, and then go on a Walmart spree to buy some more useless Chinese garbage that was probably manufactured in North Korea! What a patriotic bargain! So come on! Sign your soul over to the Devil NOW!

Stand by for the sign-up roster! Drop your drawers and salute, hypocrites. It’s time to covertly torture and murder your custom-tailored scapegoats in the name of Gentle Jesus, Mom’s apple pie, unregulated subliminal advertising, and free whores.

And in the meantime, pay no heed to the writings of Paul Sylvester Stayton. Or his music. For God’s sake!      HATERS



music ©2012 by Paul Sylvester Stayton (best heard in stereo with headphones)