Let us examine the difference between truth and lies.

A steady stream of assumptions is made based upon popular notions most often given credence in our “just google it” era of mental fast food. I have found that if I do not masticate thoroughly what I find in my inbox,  I will not be confident that it can be successfully eliminated from my outbox.

All execration jokes aside, it does seems to the average trolling schlepp that instant information at the drop of a finger has replaced hard work and dedication in getting to the heart of a matter. This is the modern version of behind-the-back gossip.

It used to be that if you weren’t overly concerned about the validity of some foul-tongued busybody in your community spewing oxidizing rhetoric into your ear, then you were inevitably bound to be swayed by peer pressure, aggrandizing self-deception, inside-the-bubble insulation, and ultimately, compliance and complacence to the setup. After all, the busybodies weren’t talking crap about you  at the time, right? They were on your  side, right?

These days, foul-tongued backstabbing busybodies don’t get anywhere unless they’re part of a network of enabled criminals in a bigoted neighborhood-watch group. And thanks to the USA’s so-called Department of Homeland Security—-with all the necessary backup tech help from the NSA, and carte blanche  from the FBI and CIA, among others—-the busybodies have graduated from being a mere infected scab on society’s butt to being sponsors of an uncontrollable, clandestine, evil campaign hellbent on inflicting the severest torture imaginable upon free-thinking dissenters to Status Quo corruption.

You roll your eyes because you’ve been brainwashed.

The self-deception among the ingesters of busybody rhetoric goes two ways. On one hand we see immediate credulity towards unverified nonsense because one is conditioned to be sympathetic to the viewpoint of the dispenser of the information. On the other hand, we see immediate incredulity towards an alternate opinion, usually because of a smirk from that same unscrupulous dispenser, who is extremely adept at appraising, preparing, and disseminating only acceptable  nonsense for the ingesters.

Take your pick among the talking heads. And, once you’ve received your marching orders, and have chosen the side of the fence from which you may now toss rocks at your assigned pet peeve fetish, you resolutely face your clones on the other side of the fence, who are as blind as you are to the masters of corruption that have pitted you against one another for their own profit and glory.

How timely, that the prophets of Armageddon have now been revealed as its designers. Hey! Religious bigots! Rally ’round the flag, boys.

So . . . now you believe it’s finally time to authorize—-to legitimize—-the blatant covert ruination of human beings to whom you bear an irrational hatred that is based upon superstition and lies. You have let your feelings usurp the throne of your mind. It is doubtless that the lords and masters of military tenure played at least some small part in this—-in your emotions approaching this sudden ferocious level of absurdly festered cultish exclusion.

The romanticizing of war on both sides of gathering militarism has always denoted the ulterior motivations of self-serving psychopaths. “Join the Army! It’ll make a man out of you,” and other millennia-old propaganda directed at misinformed gullible youth, have gleaned eligible voluntary cannon fodder for tyrants throughout history. It is now more relevant than ever to study recorded history simply because we are finally beginning to understand that much of it has been distorted by the victors of war.

“When you have a war, somebody wins and somebody loses. That’s just the way it is,” says ol’ Shruggin’ Joe Average.

Right. But when you have wars, they are waged by psychopaths hiding from the actual battle fray; and no matter which cowardly psychopath wins, we observe an intrinsic distortion of recorded history.

An unregulated psychopath—-one who has striven his/her entire life to control and subdue a populace—-will of course strive to control social perceptions through mass media. This is a despicable (but indispensable, in the mind of the psychopath) manipulation.

The majority of a tyrant’s defeated enemies haven’t the heart to fan the previous flames of wartime resistance and revolt simply because mothers do not want their children’s detached heads on spikes lining Main Street. The spoils of war, and of terror-inspired mass media, have invariably gone to the victor. In this particularly seasonable mindset, whomever the tyrant declares “Enemy of the State” is unanimously accepted among the proletariat as “Enemy of The Truth,” and the dissenter’s cost of life and measure is made invalid.

Evil must have its insane revenge. Hell hath no fury as Evil scorned by dissenters.


What does “bad” really mean? We can all agree that the definition has been modified over at least the past five decades, and therefore it really depends on vernacular. Several definitions of the word can now mean, according to Merriam-Webster, good, great, tough, and mean. And so, according to a certain vernacular, bad  can now mean good.

“It feels good to be bad. And that’s good!”

It is necessary to recognize the possibility that this “play on words” is a psyop strategy that was developed by the victors of war to distort the very fabric of modern communication among the intentionally disinformed in order to incite inevitable, contained anarchy and profiteer from tactical militant upheaval. “Behaving badly” can now easily be portrayed as an acceptably indefinite grey area within which the ends justify the means for the psychopath wishing to manipulate a situation.

Similarly, a politician can deny ever having said what was recorded in an actual conversation simply by alleviating the matter with a hefty list of multiple definitions and interpretations supposedly “taken out of context” and “misrepresented by my opponents”—-all of this irrespective that the breach of literalization flows either to the right or to the left—-and the politician can slide the issue in and out of meaning something other than what the recording indicated the politician actually said.

The movie “Suicide Squad,” at the time of this publication, is all the rage in Entertainment Media. Its premise portrays an illegitimate pack of felons and ne’er-do-wells (recruited by covert government radicals, who accurately mimic reality by caring nothing for collateral damage) to “take out” an uncontainable madman called the Joker. It’s now absolutely necessary to “bend the rules” in order to “level the playing field” by recruiting madmen of a different sort (also, thankfully, by including politically correct madwomen) to restrain the Joker’s latest extremist escapade.

What I find suspect about this premise (which was also, though more loosely, the premise of The Chronicles of Riddick) is that we are recommended to accept, in these times of Extreme Evil, the idea that “Good vs. Evil” is no longer a viable strategy, and that Evil of such monstrous proportions needs to be combatted with “a different kind of evil.” Or, as the Suicide Squad movie puts it, “Bad vs. Evil.”

The series “24” is another example of pop culture’s barefaced “behaving badly” institutionalizing of unquestioned frothing nationalistic vengeance against a dissembled scapegoat puppet. The movie “Team America” also comes to mind, albeit in a much more accurate satirization of belly-laugh puppeteering.

The prevalence of “Bad vs. Evil” thinking runs rampant in the aforementioned government-backed neighborhood-watch groups and other perpetrators of Organized Stalking. Gullible, fear-motivated, nationalistic zealots who embrace “the kicking of Satan’s ass” philosophy are recruited to surveil, and even harass and traumatize, “officially designated undesirables” in order to preserve and protect local, state, and federal Status Quo bigotry. Targeted Individuals are maligned behind their backs by foul-tongued busybodies who are now “on steroids.” The busybodies now have organized online support, cell networking, and wireless weapons technology provided by certain duplicitous government agencies. These agencies have so twisted their interpretation of “national security” that an innocent person can now be tortured and condemned to slowly die in misery without ever having been allowed to challenge whatever trumped-up charges have been circulated in order to sway the perpetrators’ notions about the true nature of the Targeted Individual they have been assigned to destroy.

Bad vs. Evil? No.

Evil vs. Evil? No.

Evil, dancing. That’s it, that’s all. And those who do not conform to the dance are caught in the crossfire of two-headed nationalistic insanity.



©2016 Paul Sylvester Stayton