BUT SERIOUSLY: Taken Aback by Your Religious Insistence?

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Please pardon my forthrightness about my opinions on faith-based matters, but this is one thing I simply must address if only to set the record straight for those who gloss over the multitudinous aspects of generational conventions of erroneous thought. I do not wish for anyone to be remiss in my actual stance on the subject of religion.

First of all, strictly in matters of selflessness and not self-obsessing dogma, it is always necessary to understand the choices and opportunities in one’s life in order to best represent one’s reason for being. Self-obsessing dogma is the assumption that an omnipotent god arranged the universe for the benefit of one’s particular sect. Selflessness is the mindset that empowers one with the ability to see beyond the hubris, in occult thinking, of presumed celestial favoritism .

“The numinous”—- a topic discussed by neuroscientist Sam Harris—-can best be described as an abstract inspiration devoid of arbitrary submittance to the self-perpetuating “God of the gaps” squabble. Among other things, it can also be described as the motivation to an abstract striving for something more than mere compliance to preset dogma can offer to independent thinking. I rely upon the reader’s ability to descry what in this situation must be considered a positive mindset when confronted by superstitious rhetoric.

If you have always been more or less religious (superstitious), here is a reasonable opportunity for you to perceive a different mode of thought than that to which you have been indoctrinated to obey since you were a child. Congratulations and Welcome!

Ptolemy’s geocentric universe is laid to rest as fiction by Copernicus. Please, look it up. And so on and so forth with generations of “believing” scientists who were incapable of taking their calculations to the next level, and who thereby consigned the impasse of mystery to the realm an “omniscient god.”  The truth of the scientific realm of discovery necessitates that preceding scientists have their works resurrurected and taken a step further by their collegiate heirs. These consistent revived achievements down through the annals of time prove that generational scientific endeavor reveals as knowledge that which was considered unknowable in the past.

As Neil Degrasse Tyson so eloquently and politely, yet firmly, puts it:

“The history of discovery . . . is one where at any given moment there is a frontier. And there tends to be an urge for people—-especially religious people—-to assert that, across that boundary into the unknown, lies the handiwork of God.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 8.56.29 PM

Belief systems run rampant in the recorded history of human beings who have always wished to be included, at any cost, within the confines of an obedient herd mentality that is conditioned to accept what is considered “normal” by the “authorities,” and to reject any and all critical analysis of the imposed norm. For example, Galileo was the heretic of his time. Today’s self-proclaimed ubiquitous “authorities” of religious conformity are still alive and kicking, but are now confined to a more dangerous covert  presence of unremovable tenure.

I’m not saying that a religious person is necessarily a horrible person; however, what I am  saying is that a religious person is just one more disinformed “victim of the insane,” as John Lennon so nicely instigated in one of his songs.

Do you become passionate about the necessity to burn heretics at the stake for your religion? No? Happy to hear it. But even if you don’t comply with this or any other accelerated level of fanatic behavior that endangers another’s rights, there is still the implied undercurrent of superstitious favoritism within you that can sway your judgment to evil ends.

For instance, sophisticated agencies well-versed in the art of mind control on a mass clandestine front of neural engineering have already put into place programs of religious torture under civilization’s very nose by recruiting average people from all walks of life whose main common ground of unity is a core belief in a Utopian future for themselves and their children.

When it comes to the point that you’d rather believe in mythology than know a thing for certain, then it’s time for you to refresh your life’s page, because they’ve got your frequency down pat and will stop at nothing to conform you to their agenda.

There are indeed many people whose religious leanings are geared more towards inspired personal goodwill and peacefulness than towards prejudgmental exclusiveness, in which case I welcome their inalienable right to believe whatever they want to believe as long as it doesn’t hurt or unfairly influence the inalienable rights or the mental health of anyone around them, including children, who are extremely vulnerable to religious indoctrination programs.

But there is always the flipped side of the same religious coin that permits one to believe in Jesus, or in Allah, or in Satan, or in Paramahansa Yogananda, or in Hitler, or in whichever leprechaun or unicorn is the fad of the day. It is exactly this flipped coin of religious interpretation and unchallenged conclusiveness that enables corrupt powers to install subjective belief systems that perform two overwhelming functions:

  • to permit the exclusive organization of swayed unsuspecting followers to “the cause” (whatever cause may be considered cogent to the corrupt powers at the time).
  • to ensure that outnumbered free thinkers never pose a threat to ongoing control, propaganda, and profits for the corrupt powers.

Certain factions within the U.S. Government—-in their more clandestine military/intelligence roles as corrupt powers—-have used irreproachable religious faith in perpetually reiterated dogma as a whitewash to coax media-saturated juveniles into a decades-old program of militant mind control and generational bigotry. This is why so many Americans are instantly “put off” when they observe a valid critique of ingrained belief systems that for generations have been taken for granted as factually benign, but hold no water when put to the test of historical evidence to the contrary. This is exactly why we can’t get through to Organized Stalking misfits. They’re all suffering from Ignorant Nationalistic Religious Intolerance (INRI), and this is why I must support the premise that conforming to occult teachings in any way is the wrong way to go about one’s search for truth. The Occult  is just another way of saying The Cult.

Let’s play devil’s advocate (rim shot and cymbal crash!) and assert for the moment that Christianity is the “One True Faith.” Well then, should all Christians trust the next self=serving political narcissist who presents him/herself to be a “Christian just like you” ?


Slide02  Should Colonel Ollie the Traitor be universally celebrated as “The Real Captain America,” despite his confessed role in military corruption, simply because he’s holding a crucifix and drapes himself in the American flag?

dick   BUSH  Should you give a fundamentalist Christian psychopath an indefinite free pass to torture and murder “undesirables” while you reserve your righteous indignation for the damnation of those who peacefully yet persistently proclaim religious belief to be delusional?

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 8.42.30 PM    And how about giving the latest version of watered-down Christian/Muslim  “Change for the Good” theatrics the benefit of the doubt in matters of justice for all?


Furthermore, should the U.S. Government perpetuate tax-exempt status for Organized Religious Profiteering? And why not permit tax-exempt status for ALL religions? That would only be fair to all the Satanists and Islamic Extremists out there, right? Hey, they’re all  stupid belief systems. Why should you complain just because it isn’t your  stupid belief system?

Or hey!  Maybe if you check out their  philosophies, you might all find some common ground in Funny Farm illogic. Now wouldn’t that  be a Kumbaya moment around the Superstitious Nonsense campfire just before you all burn down another forest.

The best argument among standard believers, in this unique observation of “God’s predetermined plan of end-time antichrists among us” apologetics, is “Well, what are you gonna do? (Shrug.) The government’s corrupt.” Well of course it is! So what are you doing about it? Are you kissing your legally owned gun and waiting for Jesus? Are you praying for your politician to win the election as you salute that blood-drenched flag of idolatry waving on your porch?

What is the main goal of corrupt power?

  1. Acceptable hypocrisy; “The controlled abuse of minorities is good for the majority. Let them know who’s boss.”
  2. Encouraged inactivity:  “Never mind what we’re doing behind the scenes, folks. It’s all for your own benefit, and over your heads anyway.” Followed by:
  3. Pavlovian crisis.  “Oh my God! They’re coming to round us up and throw us in the pit of fire! We’ve got to preserve our nation’s Christian benevolence and bomb the shit out of them first! Sign your ass up for service! MACH SCHNELL!”
  4. And then back to Acceptable Hypocrisy, and rinse and repeat, ad nauseum, for the enrichment of the coffers of the Profiteers of War.

The supposed prophesies of Revelations in the Bible can be construed quite simply as an excuse, for modern day Christians who hold high offices in the U.S. Government, to design and instigate their own personalized Armageddon in which Israel must be conserved at all costs just to prove that we’re all on “God’s” side. And this is the exact mental state of the cloned lunatics on the other side of the preplanned conflict—-that “Allah” wants his  worshipers to destroy the “infidel” at all costs. It’s the perfect excuse: The endgame of the “My God’s dick is bigger than your God’s dick” institutionalized global segregation of religions: Religious Profiteering. Corporate Armageddon.

It’s a rigged game that uses religious faith as a lever to perpetuate unregulated military profit for arms dealers, corporate mercenary services, and the CIA, among others, who ALL simultaneously assist both  competitors in the rigged game. Therefore, the tenets of Organized Christianity are being used as one more tool—-just as are the tenets of Organized Islam—-to reinforce the rationalized torture and destruction of both innocent bystanders and specifically designated targeted individuals on both sides of the murderous charade.

If the U.S. Government decides to designate a person as an “Enemy of the State,” and then destroys that person without the need for public court-upheld evidence, it has thereby negated the merest presumption of innocence or miscalculation without any regard for the American People’s right to know how their representative government has arrived at or accomplished its conclusion. This is the height of tyranny and apostasy.

Targeted Individuals are the current guinea pigs of corporate militancy whose fates will decide where the corrupt military/intelligence factions’ next money-making religious invasiveness is proffered. Targeted Individuals are religiously blacklisted and religiously tortured in order to gauge mind-controlling technological capabilities that have already duped millions of recruited religious peons into the program and show no sign of regulation or due process of law. The program is not restricted to the torture of TIs, but is definitely tuned in to that daily updated grid, strictly because of the technological dearth of mind-control data derived from victims’ torture.

Satanism is a bonafide religion, and can easily be intertwined with any other religion, with little upset or incursion . This is the premier inherent failing of all faith-based doctrines. They all have back doors of self-righteous self-justification that can withstand neither honest self-examination nor outside critique, and are therefore all  vulnerable to the corruption of power.

I must confess that if you read only one or two of my website’s posts it is no real way to gauge my overall view, especially when I’m attempting to sarcastically dualize the site’s objective with:

  1. the irreverently torturous Mr. Grim, and
  2. my more “kosher” But Seriously  files.

Mine is really and truly a lopsided website, to tell the truth. But it’s the best I can do, considering the torture and sleep deprivation I endure on a daily basis. Suffice it to say that my writings are the inevitable sorry product of constant rewrites. What I desire most of all is clarification of thought. And here’s what I’m getting at, for the moment:

The claim of a “higher power” is a claim of unprovable metaphysical transcendence that cannot be scientifically verified to one’s peers. That’s the gist of what I’m saying in these meanderings about religious rhetoric. What I’m declaring is not a fanatical point of view. Fanatical points of view come from those who have religiously alienated themselves from the honest critical analysis of decadent belief systems. Nobody’s saying here that you should not be allowed to perputuate whatever dance you wish, with yourself and/or with others of your religious persuasion; and whether that’s at a Christian rally or at a San Francisco Queer Convention is beside the point. Put away your ingrained bigotry on both sides of the religious aisle. If it makes you feel good to go dancing around in the clouds with Jesus, or four-on-the-floor with Seymour at the Club,  go right ahead. If Joel Osteen, or Jahnabi Barooah, or an adherent to  Ásatrú, or Dan Savage, inspires you to do nice things for yourself and others after the prescribed dance, hey, go ahead and enjoy the ride.

And hey, we all know you can actually go on a “Christian outing”  that has nothing to do with anything except reinforcing your own unchallenged and insulated belief system; again, fine, as long as this type of excursion doesn’t also pose the risk of exposure to immature minds that are unable to differentiate truth from fiction and are therefore susceptible to indoctrinated bigotry or worse. Would you send a child to an orgy? No? Then don’t send a child to a Christian outing. Both  will destroy the child’s nascent brilliant intellect, while simultaneously decimating one more chance that humanity’s future can finally be corruption-free.

All one has to do is pick up the New Testament and read all about the acceptance of the intolerance of one’s choice; that is, unless one belongs to the “apologetic interpretation” camp of Christian rationalizing, in which case one has the perfect pulpit on which to pooh-pooh “the condemned of God” from a more inviolable lofty white tower of apathetic self-exalting humility that closes off all honest retort about the absurdity of the vacillating religious stance on modern ethics.

Fundamentalist insistence upon the absentia of concise and transparent scientific elucidation is the perfect pivot for religious insolence, while post-modern accommodation through benign interpretation of literal biblical intolerance merely masks that insolence with a happy-face emoji.

Hence, the intellectual stagnation of unregulated, nationalized, religious capriciousness. You’ll pardon me if I don’t drink the Kool-aid or the methadone.

One last premise that needs to be addressed in this page is the notion among some religious TIs that we are all actually fighting a “spiritual war” against demonic forces that have for centuries manipulated world powers in order to enslave the planet, and that these are the “end times” in which it becomes necessary (permissible) for the “angels of God” to militarize and vanquish the “demons” on a global stage of war.

This accurate description of the superstitious compulsion to sensationalize an issue of contention is the perfect indoctrination procedure utilized by the aforementioned corrupt factions of the U.S. Government to proselytize and recruit religiously inclined citizens into their current network of Organized Stalking and Electronic Torture.

This smiley-faced clown  BUSH  actually popularized the oxymoronic term, “Christian Vengeance.” And below is one more sweet little reminder of what an honor it is for me to point out what religion does to the average brain.


“You can sleep tonight knowing the Klan is awake.”

klan krap



Whenever we start believing that we have a deity on our side, we open the door to self-absorbed delusional thinking.


Of course  this is a war between good and evil. However, when taken to religious (superstitious) extremes, fantastic unprovable claims are inserted into the gaps of currently unknown phenomena.

For instance, electromagnetic weaponry can be immediately and inaccurately displayed as the invisible end-times “spiritual warfare” that is mentioned in biblical prophecy. There is nothing whatsoever supernatural about the physical attributes of electromagnetism (unless one concedes that all  phenomena are supernatural, including man-made phenomena; this is the same as saying that nothing  is supernatural), just as there is nothing supernatural about other abounding phenomenal claims in the Bible that have since been disproven. Since its discovery, electromagnetism is simply a tool, just like a hammer, and can be utilized for purposes of good or evil, depending upon the user.

(And yes, religion can also be considered a tool. So can a divining rod. I would strongly recommend updating your tool belt. “Speak softly and carry a big stick” is an efficient but outmoded tool of AGGRESSION most often utilized by gangstalkers.)

Nor is there anything supernatural about the psychopaths who utilize electromagnetic and other technologies against us. If you wish to say that these psychopaths are an atrocious evil that must be exposed to the world and apprehended, I wholeheartedly agree ; but to invite superstitious rhetoric into the conversation is merely to diminish the likelihood of a truly constructive plan of action.

Ingrained superstitious belief invariably leads to prolific ignorance and unrealistic reactionist philosophies. In its raw form, religious conformity is not a “feel good” philosophy. It is a totalitarian usurpation of independent inspiration. It is also the perfect foil utilized by mass media whenever realized conspiracies must be downplayed as mere theories. As I have mentioned before, credulity walks arm in arm with incredulity. Underscored Christian interpretation of headline news runs rampant in U.S. mass media and stifles the whistleblowers equipped with the clearest truthful instruction.

I hope you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater simply because you might be put off with my pointing out American Society’s hidden Christian duplicity. I also hope that you’ve read this entire proclamation without conforming to the composing of regulatorily imposed missives informing us all that you also believe that derelict trollism  is an acceptable synonym for honest research. Please, for the record,  do some honest research in the formation of your rebuttal.

Remember Bush’s “faith-based initiatives”? Get ready. American public acceptance and celebration of Satanism is right around the corner, folks. And that’s when the religious shit hits the fan.


© 2016 Paul Sylvester Stayton