BUT SERIOUSLY: “Anti-American” or “Anti-Government”?

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Let’s put away our various childish bigotries once and for all. There is nothing wrong with the citizenry of the U.S.A. that cannot be repaired with a concentrated effort to abolish certain illegal government functions that have been instituted by crooked, greedy politicians, and enforced by their brainwashed “military intelligence” attack dogs, in order to divide and conquer their various constituencies and prevent the bringing about of actual change for the good.

A true American—-one who desires liberty and justice and equity for all—-is never arbitrarily  “anti-government.” A true American is always  “anti-CORRUPT-government.”

The two-headed political beast refuses to invite alternative options to every crucial candidates’ debate, because of an underhanded mandate (instituted directly pursuant to the “Ross Perot for President” threat) stipulating that at least 15% of national voters must agree to approve of any prospective candidate who wishes to participate in the debate. Democrats and Republicans spend billions of corporation-funded dollars in order to saturate the mainstream news media with an overdose of vapid talking points intended only to disinform the citizenry and perpetuate the Status Quo, while every other political party on the ballots is left scrambling in frustration just to get nickel-and-dimed to death and shunted from the most crucial podia that might have assisted them in disseminating indispensable contrasting alternatives to the The Same Old Song And Dance.

Democrats, Republicans, Corporations, and the Military-Industrial Complex are all in bed together, and the flimsy veil of mainstream-media platitudes and softball interviews with candidates indicates that the vast majority of U.S. citizens—-including the employees of mainstream media—-have been lulled into an intentionally conditioned complacency that cares more for celebrity baiting and bashing, and  for “people suddenly going insane and shooting up the mall for no reason, or most likely because of our War on Terror” than for any significant revelatory insight that might inspire  a new generation of independent thinkers into the work pool.

And the complacency is welcomed with open, news-weary arms, in almost every living room across the country.

” Oh George. Must we watch the latest terrorist bloodbath? America’s Got Talent!”

“I know what you mean, Helen. But the children!”

“Yes, you’re right. Let’s donate $50 to the Red Cross.”

“By Jove, Helen! You’re right! Now we can watch Game of Thrones without guilt! Pass the fluoride!”

That’s right. Pour money on it. Milk and honey (milk and honey= money), more specifically speaking. Complacent Christian bullshit. Pray for Hope. Pray for Destiny. Pray for Change. (Preferably something more than loose  change. )  Change for the Good! A Thousand Points of Light! Make America Great Again! Pray! Pray! As the two-headed beast preys on you.

Perhaps you haven’t heard: When you’ve lost your mind, the rest of your body goes along for the ride. Washington DC is the nation’s mind.

Politician! Open your ears. I don’t have to believe in your stupid, self-aggrandizingly tyrannical mythos of perpetual, dualistic, pocket-lining irresolution. It is my right not  to blindly believe that “God” blesses America as you line your pockets with sweat-shop gold and perform talking-point photo-ops for your media lackeys. You do not have the right to force me to accept your two-headed proselytizing insanity as a means for your blatant political advancement, just as surely as the so-called “Department of Homeland Security” does not have the right to favor one religion over another in its heinous agenda to recruit errant flies into its worldwide gang-stalking Gestapo web. Specifications of U.S. Constitutional law abide no argument for dissent from the premise of this paragraph. Once you boil it down, nobody can win an argument against the specific undeniable rights of human beings—-though religious bigots throughout history have always struggled their goddamnedest to circumvent the argument and declare their god winner by default of their overwhelming cultist militarism.


“Disloyal subversion” can very easily include and contain religious bigotry as a driving force in U.S. military ambitions to prosyletize and recruit naive teenagers who have not been given the opportunity to achieve mental and emotional maturity before  they are coerced into signing an irrevocable contract with a corrupt government. The jihadist enemies of U.S. nationalism also perform these exact measures upon their own brainwashed youth. Such military contracts can and do include irreconcilable devotion t0 military masters—-the likes of whom include Satanists and other fundamentalist psychopaths. And the cost of honest dissent from these horrible “legal and binding” contractual obligations can mean ostracism, indefinite incarceration, and quite possibly execution for the hoodwinked contractee.

Stop gazing fondly at pretty pictures of Jesus. The tenets of Christianity are every bit as insane as the tenets of Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, and every other “leap of faith” cracker-box mythology invented by every two-bit, self-serving charlatan whose obsessions can only be satiated by his community’s complete compliance to his “We are the Chosen Ones” delusion.

Modernized Christianity is “Islam Lite.” The flipped coin of Christianity, as with every other “God is Great” religious doctrine, is Satanism. Satanism is just one more insane religion. You cannot have your irrational “pure goodness” without its exact opposite in the unavoidable world of reality’s presentiments. Regardless of the Paved Path of Good Intentions,  religious coercion is just as dangerous when subtly instigated as it is when shoved down one’s throat.

Don’t be an ignorant fool. Organized Stalking and Wireless Weaponized Technologies exist, and have grown to pandemic proportions under the guise of governmentally operated “Neighborhood Watch” and “Citizens on Patrol” groups. Incidentally, the two religious groups that seem to be most prevalent in the ranks of Organized Stalking and Electronic Torture are Christians and Satanists.

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“Anti-American” and “Anti-Government” are examples of the same vapid talking points that Christians and Satanists (Democrats and Republicans) use to instill the illusion that Solomon has finally, wisely, cut the baby in half for the citizenry’s dualistic benefit. Flip the coin and see for yourself that there is no real difference between the two talking points. It’s a two-headed coin. The game is rigged, and the country is fucked.


©2016 Paul Sylvester Stayton