BUT SERIOUSLY: The Writings of Paul Sylvester Stayton

I’m honored, and pretty darned surprised, to be able to get a few words in here edge-wise, even if The Unsightly Mr. Grim happens to be my own creation. He does have an irresistible debilitating mental effect on us all, doesn’t he?

The Unsightly Mr. Grim is my parodied “Permanent President” of your local Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment (OSEH) campaign. Let us understand the fact that such a person really does exist, though not in such a blatant public fashion as that which my created metaphorical antagonist displays. This actual  person wants to convince you that it’s your “patriotic duty”, and not a de facto act of treason, to obey him without question in his mission to damage the life of his designated target. If he could get you to enlist, and sign on that dotted line, then he could and would  force you—-at the cost of your freedom—-to obey him in this endeavor.

But for now, he’ll take what he can get: a cult of self-righteous, gullible, emotionally retarded, local idling bigoted bullies, whose myopic world-view image can easily be manipulated to contribute to the treasonous torture of specifically targeted U.S. citizens in the guise of “patriotic duty” for the cult’s puppeteers. How’s that  for a spot-on definition?

Even if you don’t believe that such an insidious monster as Mr. Grim could possibly exist—-let alone as an unimpeachable permanent fixture within the devious shadows of our very own government’s classified machinations—-there is certainly an unscratchable itch many of us feel that reeks of something  heinous and unstoppable behind the scenes; and, as 20/20 hindsight informs us, it has been itching for decades at the least.

Mr. Grim is the personification of that itch. Something  is gnawing at our conditioned, Americanized complacency. The itch might as well have a name.

I know the cause of that itch. I want to aggravate that itch, to piss the hell out of it. I want my writings to bring that itch to such an unbearable fury that it will become impossible for it to ignore my words, impossible for it to remain in the shadows. I want America at large to finally seek treatment for its itchy, unendurable denial of the existence of OSEH apostasy.

I completely recognize Mr. Average American’s apparent incapacity to wrap his head around the unusual premise of OSEH. The prime inducement to his indoctrinated, dismissive mindset is his own naïve hesitancy to comprehend that any human being—-let alone an army of them—-could possibly take part in such a despicably evil campaign of terrorism and abuse against another human being to begin with; although, paradoxically, he is reminded every day of just how many grinning, coldblooded bigots, bullies, and gangbangers there are, all moseying about in the social structure around him. Furthermore, this surplus of criminals and misfits—-regardless of whether or not they are oblivious to the societal implications of cumulative corrupt behavior—-exhibits a preprogrammed, ready and willing state of mind (hive mind) capable of delegating skillful abuse with great facility and little need for provocation in the administration of its various livelihoods. Add to this the pervasive, self-serving, “get out of my way” attitude exhibited by so many drivers on the road, and customers at the store, and “colleagues” at work, and it could not be more clear that targeted abuse in society—-be it consciously organized or randomly unleashed—-has been accepted as mainstream in the “New World” for a long, long time.


A second inducement to deny the plausibility of OSEH annoyingly arises after Mr. Average American momentarily considers even the remote possibility of the concept. From this hypoallergenic, arm’s length, “what if” vantage point, he asks the “possibly” targeted individual (or TI), “But why you? Why would anyone want to expend so much time and resources just to do this to YOU?”—-as though the TI were such an insignificant nobody, or at least so much less  a significant somebody  than the incredulous inquisitor, that no one in their right mind would ever attempt such a vast conspiratorial campaign of abuse in that particular direction.

“No one in their right mind.” True that.

What is completely disregarded in this particular example of resignation from reality are three facts:

  1. It is well documented that the U.S. government has in the past clandestinely experimented on many of its own citizens.
  2. There is no reason to assume, especially considering the government’s penchant for concealing dubious classified projects from the public, that these experiments have ever stopped.
  3. The funding and resources necessary to perform these experiments today, upon a few thousand isolated targets, would be child’s play  for any and all of the various intelligence and security agencies of the U.S.A. to acquire. And if only one  of these agencies performed a sweeping recruitment campaign (through private contracting companies) among the accumulation of millions of unemployed, unskilled ne’er-do-wells in the labor pool, it would almost immediately have enough hard-up, codependent, easily manipulated “ground troops” to orchestrate a nationwide organized stalking CULT. It would not even be necessary to include the vast available pool of city, state, and federal government employees—-who are under contractual obligation to obey the orders of their superiors—-to support the practicability of this postulation.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you had a psychopathic Satanist running the NSA for a decade or two, without regulatory inspection from anyone at all. Imagine the drastic change of course that might be expected in the shadows of classified governmental protocol if a treasonous action such as OSEH were to be instigated by the likes of this kind of unfettered lunatic and his underlings. And now, if you have the time, please google the name “Michael Aquino” just for the hell of it, and let me know if you need to start imagining happier scenarios.

Yet another inducement to OSEH incredulity is the steady, timely, media-driven denial from keyTIN-HAT-position authority figures that the premise of OSEH is anything more than a sensational, wacky, “conspiracy-theory” contrivance of deranged minds. News outlets, psychiatrists and other medical professionals, government intelligence agencies, law enforcement and justice agencies,  and military bigwigs alike all stand in line waiting to be the next naysayer willing to grab hold of “that kind of thinking” and nip it in the bud.

The torture I have experienced has accurately been called “The Slow Kill.” There is virtually no physical evidence that can be convincingly displayed to a medical professional during a routine topical checkup to prove this subtle form of attack is happening to me; and, because of the rise of these so-called “unexplainable” symptoms (symptoms conveniently explained away by the medical community as those of psychological origin—-an unconscionable disregard, in my opinion, for any research beyond the prescribed “rulebook” procedure), there has since been derived a demand among some in the medical community to CREATE a collective definition for the new “disorder.” To my own sensibilities, this smacks of negligence for purposes of convenience, not to mention a chronic abandonment of the standards of the scientific process.

Another person might go a step further and call it complicity. If this were true, we would immediately shudder at the vast conspiratorial implications; however, due to the lack of any substantive evidence supporting this allegation, we must assume for now that the medical community at present is predominantly comprised of gullible, oblivious, complacent fools who have lackadaisically come to regard scientific inquiry and the Hippocratic Oath as inside jokes to be knee-slapped around the water-cooler.

On a more serious level, I reluctantly admit the possibility that most medical professionals have no idea that covert electronic torture is really happening; but this makes their confounding immovability all the more frustrating, especially when they consistently refuse to examine ample and consistent evidence asserting, at the very least, the plausibility of OSEH.

It is smis-guided-direction(1)ad to admit that an important factor in favor of their immovable perspective is the apparent incongruous behavior exhibited by many survivors of this abuse. Just go to YouTube and take a look at some of the off-the-cuff exhibitions from purported TIs who, ironically, seem genuinely concerned about public revelation of OSEH, and yet whose erratic online exhibitions derail any hope of credibility that an organized TI movement might be able to advance to the general public. Their behavior is too easily mistaken for delusional disorder, especially in cases where one has been driven to a disheveled paranoiac neurosis that precisely mirrors  one of the symptoms of actual  delusion. It is no coincidence that these symptoms are manipulated to manifest thusly among some especially hard-hit TIs; and of course, these are the particular cases that are trotted out by mainstream media, the medical profession, and online trolls as evidence supporting an argument against the fact that OSEH truly exists.

In fact, the only media entities that ever grant consistent public credence to OSEH are either consigned to the utmost fringes of media visibility (i.e. Alex Jones), or are interminably identified with UFOs, Bigfoot, and the supernatural (i.e. Coast to Coast AM). Incidentally, I find it humorous—-in a bland sort of way—-that so many TIs also embrace some of these very same “Coast to Coast” media-driven occult sensations and superstitions, which are clearly more popular, and are certainly more cleverly and subliminally incorporated into the social psyche, than the actual reality of OSEH could ever hope to be at this time. It never ceases to amaze me how easily these TIs walk arm-in-arm with Mr. Average American and bite that media-driven “Arcana” bait with zeal, and continue eating the bait well after being hooked. Some TIs go yet further in their media-urged fantastical convictions by deducing—-through some indecipherable, beckoning whimsy—-supernatural or alien causes for their OSEH persecutions, and subsequently prescribe supernatural or alien remedies to counter these causes.

Why is it so difficult to accept the premise that ordinary human beings  can more easily fit the description of perpetrator  than can some more exotic and improbable variety of enemy? And along the same lines: Why automatically assume that you’re “unique” or “psychic” or “blessed” just because the concept corresponds so well with your “I’m such a special messianic martyr” complex? Why do you not think in terms of more plausible and unostentatious explanations, especially when they are right there on the list of possibilities?

For instance, why jump to the conclusion that “aliens” are responsible for OSEH—-or even your most basic UFO phenomena, for that matter—-when the more feasible explanation would be an Illuminati conspiracy to hide certain 20th century subterfuge technologies from the rest of the world, and to opportunely utilize a portion of these technologies to deceive you into believing in extraterrestrials? Honestly, (and believe me, never in a million years did I think I would ever say this) isn’t the Illuminati theory more believable than the E.T. theory?

And might it not be even more plausible to suppose that it really isn’t an “Illuminati” (per se) conspiracy after all? That it’s more likely some big pile of pretentious, sadistic, power-hungry vermin that can’t help themselves any longer and are finally revealing their hand at complete world domination? Hasn’t the term “Illuminati” always sounded a bit overly romantic a word for a pile of bloodsucking human cockroaches in Armani suits? How does that Gershwin song go? “You say illuminati, I say illuminata; you say potato, I say freemason . . .” Ah well, what difference does it make how  a group of horrid and pretentious mini-pricks wishes to advertise “the old soft shoe” behind the scenes? It’s plain and simple organized psychopathic EVIL, by any other name. The OSEH phenomenon bespeaks its true source without goading us into an impulse to romanticize it.

The utterly damnable pretension and destructive proclivity of the motivators of super-rich dynasties, corporations, and military powers throughout history is undeniable. Why is it so difficult for you to discard what is more probably a phantasmagorical illusion—-planted in your head for sinister ulterior purposes—-in favor of this more tenable explanation?

Why? Because Mr. Average American and you are addicted to the sensational, that’s why, just as surely as you’re addicted to sugar. If I told you, “Stop believing in the ridiculous premise of shape-shifting lizard-people,” one of you will immediately stand up and proclaim that I probably said that because I’m one of those shape-shifting lizard-people. Rather than admit that your cherished beliefs show every indication of being blatantly preposterous, there is a knee-jerk defense mechanism already in place in your head that catapults those beliefs to an even higher level of sensationalistic absurdity. At the very least, in your “sacred” exhibition of self-exalting “humility”, you would condescend to labeling me “ignorant” or “narrow-minded” or “unable to think outside the box,” a mindset that naturally precludes any attempt by you to objectively observe your own aberrant assumptions.

It’s no accident that sensationalism is the driving force of popular media. That’s what reaps the siphoned bucks out of the conditioned masses. And going against  the flow of media sensationalism (wherein credulity and incredulity walk arm-in-arm) doesn’t  bring in the bucks. It’s all simple arithmetic for the power-addicted elite.

Do you want to feel tingly all over? Goose bumps? Hair standing on end? Why? Think about it. All day long they beckon you with magic, with aliens, with the suspension of reason in favor of religious belief in the sensational. Why not get religious? Why not drape yourself in swirls of frankincense and engage in transubstantiating cannibalisism amid gauche graven images housed in opulent spires? Why not dress in something strangely reminiscent of Nazi regalia and recite ancient incantations that promise to herald a controllable demon-spirit for you so you can join the rest of the victorious powerful in their wartime parade against the ostracized enemy? Why not attribute your lucid waking dream-state trance to the sovereign power of the Arkon in your devotional quest for further dizzying trances? Why not envision angels and devils war-dancing in the ascending symmetry of molecular arabesque among the morphing clouds above us?

It’s all religion. What makes you think that your  religion is more truthful than any other? It’s a belief! There is no logical framework to your religious conclusion. There is only an emotional constraint that ties you to an evanescent settlement of blind acceptance. Why must you obsess that you should always be right about something so debatable, especially when there is a distinct possibility that your emotions have been manipulated? Why do you think that you should always be on the winning team, at any cost?

Why? Because you don’t want to be one of the losers! Losers aren’t part of the winning team! Losers don’t have faith! Losers lose! Gosh, everybody knows that. “Rah! Rah! Hallelujah! Better us than them, as thou hast willed it! Thank you, Lord, for choosing this lowly celebrant as a tool to punish your enemies.” Sound familiar?

Yes, why not congregate in piety with your fellow dogmatists? To stand with them, yes, prop yourself up with them, and they with you, in your church, temple, and synagogue, and declare any and all dissenters to your established belief system “evil” and unworthy to kneel with you before your golden calf of iconic investment? Why not?

Someone once said that one belief system is the same as another, that it’s all the same as believing in the purple spaghetti monster in the sky. And you know, it’s just that absurdly simple. Believing that some guy was born of a virgin and rose from the dead is the same as believing that some guy confabulated with angels in a cave and rode a winged horse up to heaven; or, more obscurely speaking, that some ancient Chinese zen monk flew around on a broom and hundreds of witnesses beheld that particular “undeniable record of events” and therefore it must be true. How can it be wrong when so many people have believed it for so long? It’s the same as believing that your football team, or your army, deserves  to go all the way to the top of the heap, because your  quarterback or your  colonel got down on one knee and—-for all you  really know—-prayed to the purple spaghetti monster in the sky for a speedy victory.

Let’s try this impulsive “belief” business from a different angle. Why not instead believe that Mary was artificially inseminated, or that scientists genetically altered Mohammed’s horse so it could fly by means of hidden technologies of the times? And gee, I don’t know about that zen broom thing. Oh wait a minute . . . gunpowdered rocketry! Yeah, that’ll fit right in with that alien Chinese firecracker conspiracy I cooked up.

Which is more feasible? Is it more feasible to believe that a supernatural being created a miracle, or that it was a subterfuge fabricated by a covert antediluvian technological society in order to steer the destiny of a gullible populace? That a warring pair of E.T. races traveled untold light years just to screw with our heads from a distance, or that an ancient race of reclusive underground talking snakes is finally amassing to uproot human civilization?Why not  crave a dish of gobbledygook from a more inclusive  sensationalist menu? Believing that Mary got plotzed by the Unified Knights Templar Bilderberg Phallus, or that it was horny ol’ Saint Gabriel; believing that Mohammed’s horse had its genes spliced or limbs grafted, or that flying horses, like genies, really do exist; believing that whatever other debunkable “wondrous” fantasy you can accept or discard at your leisure is more plausible than implausible; whether it’s the technologically fantastical explanation on the one hand, or outright miraculous intervention on the other, these fetishes grant you a more sensational bang for your siphoned buck, and can all be embraced in a gratifyingly hasty New York minute. And, most importantly, they will bestow upon your hypnotized gaze a noteworthy, self-congratulatory, comfort-in-a-crowd tingle.


Everything you should be reasonable about is brushed aside . . . for the tingle.

And anyhow, we’ll never get the teeth-gnashing fanatics of the world to admit that all of these arcane rationalizations, despite their overrated enticement to the senses, have a far more plausible, yet mundane, explanation: They’re claptrap. Nonsense. A pack of atrophied, liberty-stunting lies. Balderdash for babbling dunderheads who are nothing more than junkies for sensationalism. And so: Addiction to the Tingle.

How does the rational mind deal with superstition . . . and particularly, with superstitious TIs? Is the TI community even ready for this question? Well, I don’t believe the TI community is so overrun with superstition that it has become a problem among the majority of us who wish to find common ground in uniting against OSEH and other forms of social corruption without having to bend over backwards for pie-in-the-sky rhetoricians. In the bigger picture, one can and does overlook many  rationally incompatible credos that include—-but are not necessarily restricted to—-the arcane, in order to contribute to a functioning network of credible, courteous, respectful TIs whose main goal is not to pooh-pooh the unexceptionable eccentricities of others, but to seek an end to OSEH.

Additionally, in most cases one’s superstition is rooted in the apparently innocuous double-sided coin of “humility & self-esteem.” Thus declares the Christian, for example: “I am a grievous sinner and I devote my life to Jesus so I can walk upright and be free from the sinner I was.” Please insert whatever label other than “Jesus” suits your specifications if you cannot relate to this generic example of religious, or “spiritual,” belief systems as a whole, and kindly embrace the peaceful and altruistic dispositions of the sect of your choice.

(As an aside, it must be stressed that the particular Christian, for example, who claims that he doesn’t follow or belong to any religion, but that he only follows “Jesus”, merely misunderstands the definition of the word religion. If you adhere to the occult teachings of a particular scripture—-whether or not you choose to congregate with other followers of those teachings—-then you are a follower of that religion. Incidentally, the belief that Jesus walked on water, or rose from the dead, etc., is belief in an occult teaching: a teaching that relies upon rhetorical conjecture of the supernatural as the basis for its legitimacy.)

One’s religious beliefs may seem to bestow the self-hypnotic “power” to deal with a situation that might otherwise be unbearable in day-to-day life for the adherent, and this in itself is not necessarily considered a bad thing. We all have our coping mechanisms. “Whatever works for you” is a tolerable axiom among compassionate, or at least nondestructive, personalities.

However, the typical double-sided “humility/self-esteem” coin-of-the-religious-realm can easily devolve—-in less inquisitive, and more gullible and desperate, minds—-to that of “humiliation & exaltation.” The proselytized greenhorn allows the cult to hack down his self-esteem so that it can indoctrinate him into its ranks; whereupon, after relinquishing his individual reasoning faculties, and submitting to a level-by-level deprogramming and reprogramming of his values, he is promised a place of honor and recognition in the cult in exchange for his unceasing obedience to it. Now he is ready to do anything  for the cult. Otherwise, he can downgrade to the back pew and perform all the timely, mealy-mouthed prostrations necessary to fit in with the rest of the unmotivated little  fish in the pond; and he can sit there fidgeting with all the other peons while the “Big Boys” preen and posture onstage for the rest of the enraptured congregation. Show Biz, religion style. In whatever seating arrangement he ends up, his ravaged sensibilities have been indefinitely compromised and naturally conform to the cult’s rulebook.

An astounding contradictory countenance can often be found among many professed “Big Boy” religionists when they observe “the threat”—-that is, the necessary and unavoidable critique to the various social and behavioral crimes and discrepancies historically wrought by their refutable belief systems—-looming on the horizon. Where previously stood a meek apologist before “the threat” we now see a defensive, vindictive, insulting, and often stiff-necked fanatic who refuses to accept the merest possibility of error or oversight in his “irreproachable” dogma. What’s more, he’ll declare you one of “them” and publicly condemn you as an “evil antichrist” or some other such psycho-babble mumbo-jumbo, simply because you obviously won’t join him in the prevailing panache of his pulpit-pounding pomposity.

The biggest and most irreconcilable problem with immovable religionists, when they resort to “circling the covered wagons” in fear of revealing their masterfully hidden, shameful, naughty, sacrilegious polka-dotted bloomers to the world at large, is their absurd and unflinching tactic of quoting from their own scriptures in order to prove that their god truly exists. “Of course it’s true! It says so right here in the Bible!” This is like proving that Hitler was a reasonable fellow by cherry-picking certain colloquially proficient quotations from Mein Kompf. It’s like proving that Frank Sinatra wasn’t really a trampling scumbag because you heard niceties about him firsthand from the mouth of Dean Martin.

And when this redundant “proof of circular reasoning” tactic falls far short of the religionists’ intention of validity, they’ll start name-dropping. They’ll cite the celebrity and accomplishments of enamored f46009170.cachedaith-based “kin” of theirs from far and wide, in an effort to persuade someone that a half-dozen singularly talented individuals impersonally strewn across the unreachable historical divide could ever hope to remedy the skewed politics of today’s perturbed millions and billions of deluded minds that have fallen prey to religious indoctrination into occult rhetoric, false conclusions, easily incited extremism, and the reaping of disastrous consequences for both themselves and all of their incidental, outnumbered victims on their respective mounds of conquered dirt.

Oh, I’m so sorry. If you think I’ve travelled too far from my initial objective at the top of this page, please allow me to show you that we’ve only been skirting the perimeter, and are once again at our essay’s starting point. My, it’s been a refreshing little stroll!

More and more we shall be observing the rants of religiously slanted rhetoric that—-not so remarkably—-will be geared and directed at smearing the names of certain individuals whose very presence now in the TI community has caused some glimmer of hope that an organized effort to reveal the atrocities of OSEH being perpetrated against us can possibly succeed if we would only batten down the hatches and continue to strive for the truth, down to the last mile, without submitting to irrational dogmas and constricting fear tactics. The source of these restrictive rants: these sophists; these trolls and “perp” screamers; these snake-oil salesmen—-whose never-ending displays of personalized, self-exalting, perpetually unfounded rhetoric (most often bolstered by obstinate religious conditioning) are spewed across the internet only to advance self-acclaim and divisiveness, at the expense of other people’s reputations—-must be recognized as the simplistic back-biting fearmongers they are. They don’t want the TI community to organize as its torturers have organized, unless it marches to the beat of the fearmongers’ exclusive finger-pointing dysfunction.

Fear, distrust, and abuse are symptoms of the Religious Fever contagion. You would do well to avoid the “fevered pitch” of sensationalistic hyperbole in your quest for Truth.

Religionism isn’t restricted to theism. One can be a religious Marxist, or a religious capitalist. One can be a religious atheist (if one refuses to embrace the actual definition of the word atheism: the refusal to arbitrarily believe in the existence of a god, not a summary belief that there is no God). Some religions claim to eschew or side-step the supernatural with specific promises of an indeterminate “personal fulfillment” that cannot be attained without a necessary suspension of doubt and inquiry, or a mandatory surrender of freedoms to the guarantor.

Moreover, one’s religion can have less than a dozen, or more than a billion, members in its congregation. One can actually be the sole member of one’s religion. (These isolationists, incidentally, are the poor saps who will always tell you, amid rehearsed tears of self-imposed spiritual incarceration, that it’s lonely at the top.)

Religion was the first tax-exempt Corporation. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it made, and still makes, a killing. Corporate Religion was a stroke of absolute manipulative genius during the Dark Ages. It is absolute bullshit right now. It is, and always was, the progenitor and protractor of bigotry and lies.

And, in case you were wondering, the Unsightly Mr. Grim is a VERY religious man.

2015 Paul Sylvester Stayton

Music © by P.S. Stayton