AH, YES . . .

As an emotionally retarded bully from way back, I’m sure you can remember the fun times in your life when you were able to dance around in public and openly celebrate the societal abuse of “undesirables.”  You certainly were Big Time, Junior.

Yeah, but those recently revived torture tactics in Gitmo, scrumptious as they were, only gave you a small taste of all the fun you used to get away with back in the day. You want more! You want to relive the good old days. The indomitable power to obliterate people’s lives is an irresistible addiction to otherwise worthless losers like you.

What you  need is a network for psychopaths!

Take a look above at Hitler’s little one-nut hard-on jig. HUZZAH!  Doesn’t it make your mouth water? Gee whiz, remember when the good old boys actually used to hoist you up on their shoulders, and give parades in your honor? Remember middle school, fumble-bum? You were King of the Infant Terrorists! Your colleagues readily commended your budding sociopathic tendencies, and everyone else who might have been able to save your first  victims from you were always intimidated into looking the other way. Does it not bring a nostalgic tear to your eye?

Well, Mr. Grim totally understands your frustrations about how modern Western Society nuisances like “equal rights” and “due process” for people you don’t like have compromised your demand that the “level playing field” be located directly downhill of your local bootcamp/fusion center.

Mr. Grim understands your challenges too. You’re a downtrodden, brainwashed, button-pushing, sadistic retard, and it just isn’t fair! YOU ALSO  deserve to have your rights preserved—-such as the right to practice despicable covert acts of desensitized psychopathic cruelty upon those aforementioned people you don’t like, for example. And what’s wrong with that? I mean, especially when right now  you can join up, and instantaneously have a veritable army of robotized confederates at your beck and call, all saluting every stinky little fart emitted from whichever orifice you choose to utilize in their honor, and you can all march together in the Unsightly Mr. Grim’s government-sanctioned Torture Campaign.

So come on! Join Mr. Grim’s clandestine gang-stalking clan NOW, you witless, talentless, self-absorbed inhuman hack. Why, just look at what Mr. Grim has done to this  guy’s career! This pathetic turd’s unusual specialty is psychological terrorism, and he operated (and probably still runs) the NSA!

devil        aquino

Sign up NOW! Don’t think twice. Not to worry! Gang-stalking is still officially considered a “conspiracy theory.” Astounding, huh? Salute your hero and grin, Junior!

Come on, sonny. This turd is JUST LIKE YOU. You should be so lucky as to march straight into hell alongside this regaled demonic predator; and, as luck would have it, that’ll be your fate as soon as you join the horde!

And hey, don’t worry about the consequences. Isn’t it all worth finally getting to do that little Hitler Jig again?