9:11:16 SUNSET

Please email me a message that you’d like to have posted on this page explaining your perspective about this site. Please keep it as brief as possible (500 words or less; hey, that’s generous!) and I’ll post your first message as long as you’re aware that I’ll be posting your email address as well. When at all feasible, I shall elaborate, with a posted response, on whatever specific contention seems to be the friction that rubs you the wrong way. Ouch!

I reserve the preliminary right to restrict excessive trollism, in the hope that this particular page can be coordinated as an enlightening excursion for TIs who wish to examine a variety of opinions, rather than a podium for irretrievable derelicts of compulsion on all sides of the OSEH conflict.

Due to the insurmountable emails I have received thus far (that is, thus far, I haven’t received any) it will take some time for me to post all of them. I suppose in a year or so I’ll still be saying, “Well, these things take time.”